First week going sugarfree


Fried egg and avocado on toast with tomatoes and balsamic vinegar (balsamic vinegar is allowed according to my rules). 0/10 for originality, 8/10 for convenience.

The first week was weird. I had one day of constant hiccoughs, a few faint internal pains and, on one occasion, very definite heart palpitations. My diet was pretty consistent. An average day looked like this:

Breakfast was either an apple with greek style natural yogurt or half an avocado, tomato, bacon and fried/scrambled egg on toast.

Lunch was a bowl of pork, apple and potato stew

I snacked on carrot and red pepper with hummus (Sometimes I try to eat one carrot and one pepper per day having read this article)

Dinner was sweet potato fries with tzatziki, broccoli and a steak.

I drank either tea with milk and no sugar, or water

So far I haven’t been overwhelmingly tempted to eat something sweet, although the cravings are definitely there, especially immediately after dinner when my body is conditioned to expect a dessert. The biggest challenge so far is the restrictions on savoury foods. I was devastated to discover that my favourite rosemary crackers contained sugar. It’s also nearly impossible to pick up a sugar-free snack from the ready to go section in supermarkets, I accidentally consumed some sugar in a supermarket pasta salad.

There hasn’t been any noticeable¬†change in my complexion, but after week one I think that would be expecting a bit much! I haven’t noticed any change in my energy levels, but I am finding it takes longer to get to sleep. This could be down to a lack of activity during the day (I spent 3 days writing an assignment and doing not much else) and getting out of bed a little too late. In the past I would have slept like a log, regardless of what I did during the day (and then still felt pretty groggy throughout the next day). Could this be an effect of the new diet? Time will tell…


5 thoughts on “First week going sugarfree

  1. Awesome. Keep going I think it’s worth it. The longest I’ve gone without sugar is one month, and I felt a really steady stream of energy throughout the day. Compared to an oscillating fatigue, and medium-low energy. As a result I was more effective at work. Which reminds me of how clear I could think.

    I’m excited to see your progress and experience without sugar.

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  2. Hi! Thanks, that’s really great to hear. I’m known for being a bit dozy and generally struggle with concentration and feeling a bit tired a lot of the time. I’m hoping those benefits are going to kick in real soon! I am feeling a difference in motivation but I can’t be certain that cutting sugar is the reason for it yet. How long did it take before you noticed a difference?


  3. Hi, Alice. Best of luck on your journey. I must admit that part of my turmeric tea regimen to get rid of acne is also consuming less sugar (everything processed), starchy foods (too much can mess up your gut, too), as well as dairy products (I cut off fresh and powdered milk and cheese). But I’ve accepted that I’ll forever be a sweet tooth so I indulge from time to time.

    Surprisingly, my sweet cravings has leaned over to fruits now. Any sugary food that’s not fruit doesn’t feel satisfying anymore. I believe the turmeric tea helped a lot with my digestion and cravings this past year. And acne. I still have my battle scars to sort out, but I’m happier with the results from massaging a bit of sunflower oil on my face every night, also for the past year. Come to think of it, I was able to stop using products for my face ever since I started drinking turmeric tea. Just water and then sunflower oil in the evening. Will write an article about that soon.

    Rock on!

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    • Hi, thanks for posting! I love your post on turmeric tea and I’m planning to try it ASAP, I just need to find where to buy the root. Does it also work with powder? I too have a little way to go with the acne scars but I’m hoping that a cleaner diet and moisturiser will improve that a little in the long run. I haven’t tried sunflower oil yet though. Looking forward to your article!


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